Everyone has a story they want to tell...

Why not tell it through an amazing event experience?  Lavender Grey has been curating unique events and telling great stories for over six years.  Whether you are looking to host an intimate dinner party for twelve in a storage container, a large fundraiser for three-legged dogs, or a wedding unlike any other, we want to hear your story.  We love a challenge, so get in touch, and let us create an event unique to you!


"They were the reason that our wedding was EXACTLY the way we envisioned it -- decorated flawlessly, timeline exceptionally smooth, and even a RAINBOW appeared after our first dance which we will give Lauren credit for because she talked us down the night before when we thought that some rain might ruin our special day."


"Because our wedding demanded a great deal of intricate DIY planning and design that Lauren and her equally amazing team was to play a major part in executing the day of the wedding, she spent endless amounts of time poring over sketches, details and scheduling planning and design meetings to discuss creative so that we could ensure everything was flawless (which it was!)."


"Being a same-sex wedding, we didn't feel bound to some of the traditional elements of a wedding, and Lauren helped us brainstorm to create a very personal celebration, incorporating our backgrounds and families into so many aspects of our wedding."


"My wedding would not have been such a blissful breeze without ALL the work her and her team put into my destination wedding! I highly recommend her to all my brides (I am a wedding photographer) and have had the pleasure of working with her on several weddings so far. Looking forward to working with Lauren and her team again."


"We showed up at the venue before the wedding and the venue looked more beautiful than we could have imagined. She took our vision and brought it to life. She is insanely organized and went above and beyond on my wedding day."